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Image of Stanislav Szukalski:<BR>Broken-Off Heynal Print

Stanislav Szukalski:
Broken-Off Heynal Print


Giclée Print on 100% Archival Cotton Rag Paper
20" x 25"
Edition of 75

Limited edition of prints based on the original drawing 1959

Broken-Off Heynal

There used to be a small wooden church of "Miss Mary" in Krakow's square, on the tower of which a trumpeter would hourly play a "Heynal" to let the town know that all was well. One day, in the middle of the Heynal…the trumpeter suddenly stopped playing. The townspeople instantly knew something must have happened to him. They rushed to the little church and found him, a Tartar arrow shot through his windpipe, voiceless, pointing to a peephole, whence they saw the Tartars swarming. The Tartars were repulsed. Since then the ancient church has been replaced by one of the most beautiful churches in Europe. Centuries later, each hour, day and night, the Heynal is still played. But the melody stops abruptly, as it did in the throat of that heroic Heynalist of Krakow.

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