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Image of Stanislav Szukalski:<BR>The Last Breath Print

Stanislav Szukalski:
The Last Breath Print


Giclée Print on 100% Archival Cotton Rag Paper
22" x 24"
Edition of 50

Limited edition of prints based on the original drawing 1984

The Last Breath
The Last Breath aka Kaytn tells the story of the hundreds of Polish intellectuals who were executed at night during WWII in the Katyn Forest. The Communist (part hyena, part octopus) is executing the "God's Eagle" (defender of the country), by a hammer blow to the head and a revolver shot to the brain. The predator has entwined the victim with his octopus legs which also stretch out over the prostrate body of Europe, who can only witness the atrocities, being shackled herself.

At the time, before the fall of the Berlin wall, the official opinion was that the Nazis, had been the executors. But Szukalski knew all along that it had been the "vile, never to be trusted" Communist Russians.

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