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Image of Robert Williams: Zombie Mystery Paintings Book

Robert Williams: Zombie Mystery Paintings Book


A collection of 40 paintings by Williams that are morally insolvent and grossly artistic. Covers his 'Middle Years'. Features the classic Two Bull Dykes Fighting For The Privilege Of Buying A Prostitute A Banana Daquiri.

"Robert Williams' Zombie Mystery Paintings are vivid American nightmares --a gaudy carnival midway of our seething, barbaric collective subconscious. There's a certain hard-ass, low-life, antisocial, hoodlum aspect to his work. He makes a raggedy-assed joke of our most touchy areas; not the kind of joke you go 'ha-ha' at--oh, no--it's more an ironic little wrenching in your gut... yeah, lots of fun."
-- R. Crumb, from the Introduction

Softcover. 96 pages.
Pub. - Last Gasp (1991)

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