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Image of Clayton Brothers: The Most Special Day of My Life Book

Clayton Brothers: The Most Special Day of My Life Book


The Most Special Day of My Life is a collection of works by visionary artists Rob and Christian Clayton, both as collaborators and individuals. In tandem, they are known as The Clayton Brothers, producing dynamic, extemporaneous, yet purposeful images, sought after for commercial use as well as by private collectors. Their work is narrative, autobiographical, ethereal and subliminal, culled from memories of sub-urban decay, sprinkled with the sour irony of truth.

The Clayton Brothers' approach to painting, drawing, collage, and installation is a narrative feeding frenzy: one brother beginning a painting, then handing it off to the other for his interpretation. Back and forth the Brothers work; twisting, elaborating, reinterpreting, editing and redirecting each other's marks. They never enter a painting with pre-conceived notions of what the end result will be.

Hardcover. 184 Pages. Pub. - Last Gasp (2003)

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