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Image of Szukalski: Behold!!! The Protong Book

Szukalski: Behold!!! The Protong Book

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A partial reprinting of the classic 1980 publication Troughful of Pearls/Behold!!! The Protong. It is but a small review of the science of Zermatism realized by Stanislav Szukalski since 1940. The drawings were chosen from over 40,000 illustrations made for the Zermatism oeuvre, representing, in particular, some of it's most important concepts: Universal Pictography, the Flood Scum-Line, and Anthropolitical Motivations. This was the first book in 50 years to bring Szukalski’s work to the light of the American public. Divinely idiosynchratic and wholly unique.

Softcover. 96 pages.
Pub. - Last Gasp (2000)

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